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How to Get Your Document Edited

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How to Get Your Document Edited

  Let me work with you to make your document the best it can be!

How my Services are Available
You can deliver your document to me by:

·       e-mailing it to editme@qed-editing.com

Please note that I do not offer rewriting services to students.

Methods of Response
Whether you select basic proofreading, verbatim proofreading or an editorial service, several methods of response are available. I can either:

·  change the document electronically, inserting comments as bold text (electronic documents only);

·  use MS Word's Track Changes feature, returning a marked-up document in Word format (e-documents only);

·  mark changes on a paper copy; or

·  produce an errata sheet, a descriptive list of all comments and recommended changes.

Web Editing
For Web editing, please send your site's URL. If you want only a subset of your site reviewed, please indicate what pages are to be edited.

Document Return
I will return your document by the same method you use to deliver it to me.

Payment should be in U.S. Dollars, made payable to

QED Editing & Proofreading