Vickere L.B. Murphy



Freelance copy editing and proofreading

Special Emphasis

Verbatim proofreading

Highlights of Expertise

>Sharp eye and meticulous attention to detail
>Topnotch grammatical and verbal skills
>Strong verbatim proofreading skills with a great "ear" for what the witness or attorney really said
>Wide knowledge of various editorial styles, including Associated Press and Chicago Manual of Style
>Strong technical experience and education
>Extensive knowledge of appropriate legal language
>Fast turnaround times
>Experience writing and editing HTML

Professional Experience

QED Editing and Proofreading Services
:  1998 to present


Outstanding copy editing and verbatim proofreading skills with exacting attention to detail, a sharp eye for errors, and excellent grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills in numerous editorial styles. Special emphasis on correct and consistent use of names, places, nomenclature, and equations.
>Proofread nearly two thousand deposition transcripts for court reporters across the country
>Copy editor of American Bungalow magazine since 2000
>Copy editor of Atomic Ranch magazine since its inception in 2004
>Copy edited librettos for such operas as Fidelio and The Flying Dutchman for Black Dog & Leventhal
>Proofread the book Work, Welfare and Politics: Confronting Poverty in the Wake of Welfare Reform for University of Oregon Press
>Copy edited the book Running & Dancing, Carol Fenner's final manuscript, for Red Phoenix Books
>Copy edited the book More Than Mere Amusement for Northeastern University Press
>Copy edited master's and PhD theses for seminary students at Fuller Seminary
>Copy edited technical reports for Advanced Projects Research, Inc., and Caltech's Seismology Department
>Copy edited Cydcor Times magazine for Cydcor Communications from 2004 to 2007

Computer Experience

Extensive knowledge of various cross-platform software packages including Microsoft Office, FileMaker Pro, and Google Docs. Also, well-versed in HTML 4.0. Highly proficient on both Macs and PCs.


Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics, California State University. Graduated Magna Cum Laude.

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